Early Access is going live!

May 20, 2014

The time has come – MageFlow Early Access is live!

We are now creating accounts for everyone that signed up. Please be patient as we’re not sending them out all at once. We need to make sure everything scales nicely and you’ll be able to use MageFlow without any blockers.

The MageFlow Early Access includes the following components:

  • Dashboard – tracking Magento instances, Git commits, deployments, change sets, and migrations across MageFlow projects;
  • Projects – adding and managing MageFlow projects;
  • Servers – building and managing Magento-optimised web servers;
  • Instances – creating and managing Magento instances;
  • Instance details – monitoring and maintaining Magento instances;
  • Deployment – updating the source code of Magento instances;
  • Data Migration – migrating configuration and content changes between Magento instances;
  • Account Management – managing your user and company accounts-

The functionality in MageFlow Early Access will be improved and released in two separate products:

  • MageFlow Data Migration – for managing the the configuration and content changes across multiple Magento instances;
  • MageFlow Deployment – for managing the the source code, web servers, instances, and deployments of multiple Magento projects.

There are currently some limitations in the Early Access that you might not like:

  • You can only use GitHub as your Git hosting provider;
  • You can only use the Magento skeleton to create new projects;
  • You can only use Debian 7 VPS’s to build web servers;
  • You can not yet migrate products, media files, and some other entities;
  • All Early Access accounts will be deleted after 30 days. We’ll do our best to release the final products by that time.

Don’t go too far:) We’ll keep you updated on how things are going.

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