MageFlow has landed!

September 17, 2014

MageFlow is now open for business! And I’ve got a story to tell you…

The last few months have been the most dramatic episode in the company’s short history. We’ve lost a lot of sleep, gained a few people, and finally released a product we’ve been building for over a year.

In May, after Imagine 2014 we released the MageFlow Early Access to about 250 Magento specialists. It was a huge milestone demonstrating everything we had built in 9 months. We received a very well written review by Magenticians and heaps of feedback from the Magento community.

In May we also graduated from Startup Sauna and started talking with investors. We met with some of the top European VC’s from Berlin, London, Helsinki, and Tallinn. We also learned a lot about what it actually takes to build a software business.

We soon realised that MageFlow had a massive problem. Lack of focus. There was no way we could solve all the problems we were working on. If we wanted to build a business we had to make some difficult choices.

This eventually pushed us to a breaking point. We threw everything out and started with a single question – what it that one solution we couldn’t live without as Magento developers?

It became obvious – we needed to focus on data management. Enabling developers to effortlessly handle configuration and content across multiple Magento instances. It was a real pain and no-one was working on it.

In July, MageFlow was reborn. We had a new strategy, raised some capital, and pushed ahead at full speed. We redesigned our entire product, hired new people, and got some outside help to finish everything off.

Today is launch day! MageFlow data management is now available for everyone. It’s a huge milestone for our company and a great personal achievement for everyone involved.

But we’re far from being done. MageFlow has a very ambitious roadmap and we’ll be releasing new features continuously. In addition, we have some new magic we’re developing to make the lives of Magento developers even better. Stay tuned!

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