How to upgrade MageFlow Connector extension?

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Kratt Kaarel Staff asked 3 years ago
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Sven Varkel Staff answered 3 years ago

Mageflow Connector (MFX) can be upgraded in a number of ways. Each method depends on how you initially installed MFX. Methods of MFX Installation can be found in Installation Guide.
Steps to upgrade:

  1. Backup your Magento instance database
  2. Backup your Magento instance code
  3. Clear Magento cache
  4. Upgrade MFX
  5. Clear Magento cache


Go to Magento folder. Type:

modman update mfx

Magento Connect

Go to Magento Connect Manager. Find Mageflow Connector extension from the list of installed extensions. Click “Upgrade” to upgrade to latest version.

Manual upgrade

Download the latest MFX version from Bitbucket Downloads. Extract the tgz package to a temporary folder. Copy the files with sFTP or rsync to your Magento folder while retaining the folder structure.