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Kratt Kaarel Staff asked 3 years ago
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Sven Varkel Staff answered 3 years ago

Short answer

In short – instance is a notion that marks “a single installed Magento with its configuration, files and database”.

Long answer

Long answer is that an instance is one installed Magento installation with unique base URL and with its configuration, files and database. That equals a single virtual host with an URL in must cases plus a database. Let’s take a look at the diagram:


There are 3 developers and 2 customer projects on this diagram. Matt and Michelle are both working in a single project now, while Carla is working in both projects. Every developer has set up development environments in their laptops. Customer Project 1 is a big project and there are more servers involved. Production servers have been set up as a cluster (there are 2 production servers behind a load balancer). Let’s calculate now by project:

Customer Project 1

2 development instances

1 testing instance

1 staging instance

1 production instance (2 servers with the same Magento instance!)

Total: 5

Customer Project 2

2 development instances

1 testing instance

1 production instance

Total: 4

Connected instance

In context of MageFlow Magento instances must be connected to MageFlow API in order to utilize MageFlow services.

Monitored instance

It’s possible to set an instance “unmonitored”. It means that MageFlow will not ping it any more and it cannot update its status. You can push changes only those instances that are “online”. However you can still pull the changes from MageFlow even if your instance is an …

Unreachable instance

Often development and testing machines are installed into local networks (LAN). These networks are behind a firewall and MageFlow cannot push changes to these instances. Anyway – we have thought about this use case. That’s why we have Pull Grid in Magento backend. Use Pull Grid to pull changes from MageFlow that have been pushed there by others.