Why is my Instance “Unreachable”?

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Kratt Kaarel Staff asked 3 years ago
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Marju Mihkelsoo Staff answered 3 years ago

Instance status is set by MageFlow Pinger component. It connects to Instance’s MFX API, using OAuth keys that MageFlow gets via Connect Instance process (initiated in Magento backend by clicking the “Connect” button). To be reachable, the Instance must be visible and accessible outside your internal network.

So if you are connecting an offline instance, please just select “disable monitoring” while connecting (see the picture below). We shall not be hacking through you firewall to check on that Instance, we respect your privacy a bit too much for that.


If the Instance is visible and accessible from outside, MageFlow Pinger might have labeled it Unreachable because of some other glitch while trying to access that Instance’s API. To get the Instance status to be Online, please go to the Magento backend and try connecting again. Instance status should be reset and Pinger can try again, setting status to Online. Note: please allow Pinger some time, as this is not a real-time process.

Please also note that in order for OAuth to work properly the time on your local dev machine / server must be correct (synchronised with NTP).

When your instance is protected with HTTP Auth, read this as well.

Should you get Unreachable status again, please contact us at support@mageflow.com