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January 8, 2014

We’re almost there! Unfortunately the beta launch was delayed by a few weeks. Well, it was the holidays and all:) But we have achieved more in a little over three months than we ever dreamed of.¬†We have been working constantly, perhaps even obsessively, on building something that will benefit everyone in the Magento ecosystem – developers, solution providers, merchants, and also Magento/eBay Inc., by making Magento the easiest e-commerce platform to build and deploy.

MageFlow is going to be a turn-key solution for managing Magento infrastructure and releases. Everything from setting up your Magento optimized web servers to migrating Magento configuration & content from your development environments to your testing, staging & production environments. MageFlow will save you countless hours spent on manually building environments, it will significantly improve your security & control over your development resources, and it will enable you to work with a large number of Magento projects, environments and developers.

Next week we will start contacting each of our registered beta testers to arrange a meeting for a personally guided tour of MageFlow. The tour will cover the core features and will take 15-30 minutes. We do this so you could get up and running in as little time as possible. There are a few requirements for beta testers – you will need to know how to work with Git and have an active GitHub or BitBucket account. You will also need a VPS or a private server. However, we will provide each beta tester a free dedicated VPS for a month from one of our partners. And most importantly, you will need to have some experience with Magento development.

The purpose of the MageFlow beta is to gather direct feedback from users. So if you participate, we will expect you to tell us what you think about it. All the good and the bad. Our goal is to build something that you will actually want to use so we really need your input.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Gert Stahl
CEO, MageFlow

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